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  • We want you to make a career for yourself! Wenger & Vieli Ltd. therefore attaches great importance to a careful and distinctly structured career process and a goal-oriented training concept when selecting young talents who want to develop into qualified lawyers. Individual advancement and distinction in the preferred specialist area, appropriate internal and external training modules and the close cooperation with our experienced partners will help you achieve your goal.

    We expect applicants to have excellent professional qualifications, a high level of social competence, above-average commitment, proven proficiency in English and a high level of motivation to put their skills to work for our clients.

    We both advance and challenge new talent.

    We also welcome applications from experienced, highly qualified lawyers.




    Personal job interview

    A personal interview is about getting to know each other better and discussing each other's ideas. Questions about the application file will be discussed in greater detail and the candidates will gain an insight into our law firm.

    Individual advancement to distinguish yourself

    We ensure a thorough introduction to practical work. It is then important to identify your own strengths and preferred areas of expertise so that individual skills can be specifically furthered allowing you to distinguish yourself.

    Young lawyers initially work as generalists and are employed by partners from various practice groups to work on engagements. With growing experience, the complexity of the tasks and the scope of responsibility will increase.

    Continuing education

    We offer our lawyers external training seminars, also abroad, and internal training in the context of regular practice group meetings and weekly lunchtime events on various topics. We also recommend to spend a year abroad after about 18-24 months, for example for an LL. M. program, and then return to us again.

    Career planning

    Career planning for our employees is based on four factors:

    Competency model   

    Job description


    Personal goals

    Based on the competency model and the job description, personal goals are defined with all employees, and these goals will be regularly reviewed and adjusted.

    Lawyers usually start their career at Wenger & Vieli Ltd. as associates. If the cooperation meets the requirements and expectations of both sides, an associate will become a senior associate after about four years. Advancement into partnership is possible after six to eight years.


    Wenger & Vieli Ltd. offers lawyers promising career planning and an attractive working environment in its office building in the Seefeld neighborhood of Zurich. If this speaks to you and you have the proper qualifications both in technical and linguistic terms, we look forward to receiving your application. Please send your complete application file by email to Dr. Urs Weber Stecher: or to the following address:

    Wenger & Vieli Ltd.
    Dr. Urs Weber-Stecher
    Dufourstrasse 56
    8034 Zürich

  • Make a start! We offer graduates with very good qualifications from Swiss universities the opportunity to gain the necessary practical experience for the bar exam as part of a one-year internship. On average, 3-4 interns work for our law firm at the same time.

    All interns are supervised by a partner or senior associate and thus receive the best possible support. In order to obtain the broadest possible legal education, they work directly in the various practice teams. They also take part in internal training in the context of regular practice group meetings and weekly lunchtime events on various topics.

    If the description above has sparked your interest and you have the relevant professional qualifications, we would be pleased to receive your application. Please send your complete application file by email to Dr. Urs Weber-Stecher:  or to the following address:

    Wenger & Vieli AG
    Dr. Urs Weber-Stecher
    Dufourstrasse 56
    8034 Zürich

  • Make something of the coming summer! We offer interested students the opportunity to complete an internship at our law firm. The summer internship is intended to provide motivated students with a first insight into as many areas of the work of a business law firm as possible.

    The internship runs for 5 weeks and takes place annually from mid-August to mid-September. 2022 internship: August 15 through September 16.

    Interested? Please send your application by no later than October 8, 2021 via email to Dr. Urs Weber-Stecher:

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