Sports Desk

Our Sports Desk is a one-stop shop for all legal and tax matters for all stakeholders in the sports and e-sports world.

Our clients are professional athletes and sports enthusiasts alike, and we have a deep understanding of their concerns and challenges on - and around - the playing field. In addition to individual and team athletes, we also serve clubs, associations, leagues, sponsors, marketers and sports event organizers.

Our services for the sports and e-sports world include in particular:

  • Support in connection with contracts of any kind (e.g., sponsoring and marketing contracts, employment contracts, intellectual property rights agreements, inter alia with regard to image rights, assistance in transfers including termination agreements)
  • Tax advice of all kinds, such as in particular tax returns, wealth tax planning, real estate gains taxes, value-added tax, inheritance and gift tax optimization, tax exemption for non-profit organizations, etc.
  • Corporate structuring and governance, as well as support in tax and legal matters in connection with M&A transactions and assistance with financing
  • Assistance with private matters of athletes (cross-border structuring of assets, estate planning and support - including wills, marriage and inheritance contracts, execution of wills, division of an estate and inheritance proceedings, residence planning and settlement, as well as social security and pension planning)
  • Support in traditional criminal law and sports law matters, such as doping issues and manipulation in sports, matters relating to sports betting or allegations of corruption
  • Representation before sports dispute resolution centers and sports association committees as well as before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne
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