Construction and Real Estate

It is with passion, expertise and experience that we advise in all matters of real estate, construction and landlord and tenant law. Our profound understanding of construction-related concerns as well as economic contexts enables us to  find the best possible solutions to all kinds of real estate issues.

Our expertise in this area covers in particular the following:

  • Assisting clients in their construction projects from a legal and organizational point of view, all the way from the initial idea and the planning to the construction and commissioning of the building
  • Advising and representing buyers and sellers in real estate transactions (including bidding procedures, agreements for the purchase and sale of real property, sale-and-lease-back transactions, financing, tax issues, Lex Koller approvals and due diligence)
  • Advising and representing private and public builders/developers, architects, general planners, specialist planners, contractors, total and general contractors, builders’/developers’ representatives, insurance companies, landlords and tenants in all legal matters relating to building and leasing
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating architect’s contracts, specialist planner’s contracts, general planner’s contracts, contracts for work and services, general contractor and total contractor agreements as well as commercial lease agreements
  • Advice and representation in all matters of public building law, in particular building permits, appeal proceedings, site development and design plans
  •  Representation in all proceedings under construction law, real estate law and landlord and tenant law before the courts, arbitration tribunals and the authorities