We provide a broad range of regulatory advice to Swiss and foreign insurance companies and insurance brokers, including advice on licensing procedures, in the areas of tied assets and solvency requirements, on investment restrictions as well as on insurance products.

We also advise insurance companies and insurance brokers on all types of corporate transactions such as in particular M&A transactions, restructurings and reorganizations. Further, we represent clients in insurance disputes in court and arbitration proceedings.

We advise our clients mainly in these areas:

  • Licensing procedures and regulatory filings with the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), including business plan amendments
  • Advice and representation before Swiss supervisory authorities and in criminal proceedings
  • Advice in complex compliance matters including anti-money laundering requirements
  • Legal opinions on regulatory matters
  • Tied assets and solvency requirements
  • Internal investigations in the insurance sector
  • Preparation of insurance contracts and documentation
  • Representation of insurance companies and clients of insurance companies in civil proceedings
  • Restructurings, mergers and liquidations of insurance companies
  • Structuring and documentation of collective capital investment schemes for insurance companies
  • Advice on permitted investments and insurance products