Intellectual Property Law

Wenger & Vieli Ltd. advises and represents clients in all matters concerning the protection, use, exploitation and defense of intellectual property rights (IP). The main focus of our work is on trademarks, designs and copyright as well as issues related to patents and supplementary protection certificates. In addition, Wenger & Vieli Ltd. has extensive experience in related areas of unfair competition law, advertising law, the law governing the right to bear or use a name, as well as internet-specific matters.

Our expertise covers the following areas:

  • Development and assessment of IP strategies
  • Registration of trademarks, designs and domain names in Switzerland and abroad
  • Representation in proceedings for refusal of protection
  • Collision monitoring
  • Arrangement of assistance provided by the Customs Administration
  • Analysis of existing IP portfolios
  • Advice on the organization of IP management, including licensing systems
  • Support in the evaluation of IP
  • Advice and assistance with IP transfer and the registration of licensing agreements and restraints on disposal
  • Intellectual property rights-related agreements such as development agreements, study contracts, cooperation agreements, licensing agreements, distribution agreements, franchise agreements, purchase agreements, sponsoring agreements, advertising contracts and coexistence agreements
  • Advice in connection with advertising campaigns
  • Development of control mechanisms within the industry (specifically in the pharmaceutical sector)
  • In-house training in seminars and workshops
  • Advice on conflicts concerning intellectual property rights and representation in administrative, judicial and arbitration proceedings and their coordination at home and abroad

Wenger & Vieli Ltd. has contacts to established IP specialists abroad, which enables us to offer our clients worldwide consulting services.



Keller Claudia

Keller Claudia

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Schütz Andrea

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Boller Marcel

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