Competition Law

Wenger & Vieli Ltd. advises clients on matters of Swiss competition law and represents them before the Swiss Competition Commission (COMCO) as well as before courts and administrative authorities.

Our expertise covers in particular the following activities:

  • General advice, assessments and legal opinions on all aspects of antitrust law for companies and industry associations, including contracts that may violate antitrust law, dominant position and its potential abuse, merger notifications, assessments of possible fines risks, etc.
  • Support of clients in contract negotiations and review of contracts with regard to potential antitrust violations, e. g. transaction contracts (exclusive or selective), distribution agreements, research and development agreements, franchise and licensing agreements, etc.
  • Advice and support for reporting mergers to the COMCO, including compiling and preparing the relevant data and ensuring the necessary contacts with the persons in charge at COMCO
  • Advice in the run-up to antitrust investigations in order to avoid as far as possible the opening of a formal preliminary investigation or inquiry, including the use of the bonus scheme “whistle blower rule”)
  • Representation of companies in court cases involving antitrust aspects

Implementation of antitrust compliance programs for companies and industry associations, including identification of potential antitrust risks and the development of guidelines and checklists to ensure compliance with antitrust legislation, conducting workshops to raise awareness of management and employees on industry-specific antitrust issues.




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