White Collar Crime

We represent companies and individuals in all matters of criminal law, white collar crime and administrative criminal law. Our team has extensive experience in advising and representing clients in criminal proceedings, administrative proceedings and civil litigation in the area of white collar crime, including money laundering, bribery and corruption, insider trading, fraud, and violation of secrecy and industrial espionage laws.

Our expertise includes specifically:

  • Advising and representing companies and individuals in criminal and enforcement proceedings, including court-ordered submission of documents, sealings and interrogations by authorities as well as lodging appeals 
  • Supporting injured parties in safeguarding their rights in criminal proceedings, such as filing criminal charges, attending them during the investigation, or assisting them in asserting claims for damages and pain and suffering
  • Representing clients in mutual administrative and judicial assistance proceedings for the purpose of extradition or the transfer of information to foreign authorities, and in confiscation proceedings
  • Support in the investigation of possible criminal acts or of compliance breaches by means of internal investigations
  • Compliance audits at companies and training of employees to prevent criminal acts
  • Advice and representation in criminal tax and customs cases
  • Advice and representation in the field of cybercrime