Corporate Social Responsibility – Environment

A project for the environment

Wenger Vieli, in partnership with ClimatePartner, is actively supporting a climate protection project. Our goal is to make a positive impact on the environment.

Climate change affects us all, both on an individual and organizational level. Therefore, in partnership with ClimatePartner, we have calculated Wenger Vieli's Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF), representing the total sum of all CO₂ emissions generated by our organization. This process has provided us with a heightened awareness of our capacity to contribute to the preservation of our planet. For the year 2022, our CCF stands at 514 tons of CO₂ emissions.

Based on our carefully calculated and rounded up CO₂ footprint, we have made a financial commitment to a climate protection project, with the goal of collectively reducing emissions by 1,200 tons of CO₂. What sets this project apart is its dual focus on climate and marine conservation.

In economically disadvantaged villages in western India, approximately 85% of the population still relies on outdated cooking stoves, resulting in significant wood consumption and high CO₂ emissions. Additionally, the smoke poses severe health risks to the residents. The project facilitates the introduction of modern, fuel-efficient stoves, thus reducing air pollution, safeguarding human health, and curbing deforestation that threatens wildlife habitats.

Simultaneously, our support for this integrated project involves the collection of plastic waste in coastal areas. For every ton of CO₂ emissions saved, 10 kg of plastic are collected before it reaches the sea, preventing the contamination of vulnerable marine ecosystems.