Corporate Social Responsibility – Impact Work

Together for a sustainable future

The commitment of entrepreneurs in the fields of sustainability and social responsibility is admirable. We use our expertise to support clients who are dedicated to meeting the demands of society and the environment with their ideas. The efforts of our consultants have been successfully recognized and evaluated in The Legal 500 Green Guide.

Precious Woods

Precious Woods is one of the largest companies specializing in the certified and sustainable management of tropical forests. Furthermore, the company is involved in the production and sale of semi-finished products and energy derived from tropical wood, along with offering reforestation services.

All of Precious Woods' activities adhere rigorously to the two most demanding forest certification standards, FSC and PEFC, guaranteeing the sustainable utilization of tropical rainforests, the protection of biodiversity, and a strong commitment to social responsibility.


Umwelt Arena Schweiz Foundation

The Umwelt Arena Schweiz Foundation serves as Switzerland's preeminent hub for environmental and energy-related issues, environmental education, and sustainable mobility. Over 100 companies and organizations provide information through 45 exhibitions, covering topics such as the environment, sustainability, and everyday energy practices.


Swiss Wood Solutions AG

Swiss Wood Solutions operates as a business and technology incubator with the mission of developing wood-based products that offer ecological advantages. After crafting a business plan, commencing pilot production, securing requisite certifications, and making initial market sales, the Advanced Business Case is marketed and scaled up through licensees or investors.

With its sustainable corporate strategy, Swiss Wood Solutions aims to make a profitable contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goals 9, 12, and 15, with a particular focus on sustainable forestry, plastic waste reduction, and the creation of CO₂-capturing infrastructure.


Codos Network

The concept behind Codos is to inspire individuals worldwide to transition from conventional automobiles to more environmentally friendly modes of transportation. The Codos app employs artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically recognize users' means of transportation securely and confidentially and uses an integrated algorithm to calculate the amount of CO₂ saved compared to using a car. The Codos app rewards sustainable commuting decisions, allowing users to earn both tangible (Codos Tokens) and intangible incentives (gamification elements).



Restor fosters and connects the global movement for ecosystem restoration through a science-based open-data platform. By sharing scientific data and connecting individuals with supply chains and funding sources, Restor empowers every individual to participate in ecosystem restoration efforts, contributing to the sustainable enhancement of the world's climate. This platform was initiated by ETH Zurich and receives support from Google.



urb-x stands as a symbol of high-quality bicycle infrastructure. Through a modular lightweight system for elevated bicycle paths, it introduces an entirely new option for active mobility, enabling faster and longer bicycle journeys.


Brainforest Association

Brainforest Association is the first impact-driven company focused on forests and the climate. Brainforest seeks revolutionary solutions to sustainably unlock the potential of forests to combat global warming on a large scale through high quality entrepreneurial approaches.



ElectricFeel is a technological service provider and trailblazer in the electric sharing industry. ElectricFeel's platform assists companies in entering the electric vehicle market and establishing sustainable public transportation systems that enhance air quality and reduce CO₂ emissions. ElectricFeel's primary focus lies in major cities.



Xilva's objective is to facilitate and promote the development, establishment, and operation of a marketplace for investments in sustainable projects, particularly those dedicated to promoting global forest conservation.



The future of bicycles lies in electrification, and m-way, a market leader in e-mobility since its inception in 2010, consistently introduces groundbreaking innovations. With a nationwide network of branches and a strong online presence, m-way expertly meets the growing demand. In addition to its core business, m-way also serves as an incubator, project initiator, and consultant in other areas of innovative mobility.



DePoly addresses the issue of plastic pollution through an innovative recycling technology that breaks down used PET plastic into its primary components without the addition of heat or pressure. These raw materials can then be reintroduced into the industry to produce new plastic products of original quality, thereby establishing a circular plastic economy.