Corporate Social Responsibility – Pro Bono

Social Engagement

We provide our services on a voluntary basis to charitable foundations and associations, assuming social and societal responsibility through this commitment.

Asra Foundation

Asra stands for 'Action for Self Reliance and Alternatives.' The mission of this charitable organization is to provide disadvantaged children living in the slums of New Delhi with the opportunity for a meaningful future and integration into the Indian job market.

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Schloss Regensberg Foundation

Since 1883, the Schloss Regensberg Foundation has been providing a youth hostel, a boarding school for children with special educational needs, a special day school, vocational integration, and youth housing in Regensberg.

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Association for children with rare diseases

This association offers financial support to families affected by rare diseases; it promotes the exchange of knowledge about rare diseases among professionals, families and the public, and connects families facing these challenges.

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Pro Juventute

For the benefit of young people, Pro Juventute advocates for children and adolescents in Switzerland, aiming to ensure they have a fulfilling childhood and a self-determined, responsible upbringing. The organization extends its assistance and advice to parents as well. Pro Juventute also offers a crucial resource with the 147 helpline, standing ready to assist children and adolescents 24/7 in emergencies (family, violence, addiction, school, etc.).

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Dodo Foundation

The Dodo Foundation is dedicated to the protection, revitalization, and expansion of critical landscapes. Their approach not only promotes biodiversity but also plays an essential role in addressing the climate crisis. As a neutral entity, the Dodo Foundation places a strong emphasis on the measurable impact, the long-term success and positive outcomes of their projects.