Overview of Switzerland's Healthcare Regulations

11.03.2024 / Scherrer Frank, Roos Dominique, Picecchi Dario


Switzerland's healthcare system is renowned for its quality and innovation. Governed by a complex regulatory framework, it operates within a federalist structure, where both the federal government and the 26 cantons play significant roles.

The latest Lexology Panoramic – Healthcare Regulation 2024 publication offers a comprehensive overview. It provides a comparative analysis of local insights, encompassing aspects such as legal frameworks and recent trends in the sector.

Key Insights about the Publication
Swiss healthcare is characterized by its mandatory health insurance requirement, ensuring broad coverage. In addition, private insurance companies offer a variety of models and services. Healthcare providers, ranging from hospitals to individual practitioners, operate under stringent regulations, ensuring high standards of care. Financing is a shared responsibility between insurance companies, direct patient payments and in the inpatient sector the cantons, with specific provisions for both inpatient and outpatient services.

Legislation such as for example the Medicinal Professions Act, the Health Professions Act, the Health Insurance Act  and the Therapeutic Products Act play pivotal roles in defining the operational framework of healthcare services covering the provision of healthcare services and the approval and reimbursement of medical treatments and therapeutic products. Cantonal authorities, alongside federal ones, are instrumental in licensing and supervising healthcare providers, ensuring compliance with national standards.

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