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Interview with Daniel Oehri: Our new partner

Interview with Daniel Oehri: Our new partner

Daniel Oehri has been a partner at Wenger Vieli since the beginning of this year. We asked him, what he is looking forward to in this new position in the future and what he appreciates about his work.

This year you have been appointed as a partner. What are you most looking forward to in your new role?
Being able to take an active role in determining and shaping the future of Wenger Vieli in the years to come. As partners in a law firm with such a long-standing tradition as Wenger Vieli, we have a duty and a responsibility, not only to the previous generations who laid the foundations for the current success of the firm, but also to the future generations of partners to whom we want to pass on a strong and prosperous firm.

What do you love about your work?
I decided to become a lawyer because finding solutions to complex problems and questions drives and inspires me. All life situations require analytical skills – the skills lawyers excel at. Our studies and our job train and motivate us to find creative and new solutions to all kinds of problems and questions, be it in legal proceedings, in drafting of contracts, or in our own lives. Applying these skills is one of the best and most exciting aspects of our profession.

On top of this, lawyers are in the unique position of working with and for a multitude of businesses across various industries, which lets us gain insight into a wide range of sectors and business models. We have the chance to work closely with different decision-makers, which makes our work very varied; this is in turn also very enriching for our personal and professional development.


All life situations require analytical skills – the skills lawyers excel at.

Daniel Oehri, Partner

In your opinion, how will the legal profession (in your field) change in the future?
As in many other industries, we are seeing increasing pressure towards the automation and standardisation of legal services. This trend will only accelerate in the future, and extend to further areas of the legal profession. Consultation with lawyers will become increasingly restricted to complex topics and sensitive business areas which require customised, creative and innovative approaches and solutions, or a trusted advisor. This is where personal advice will always be needed.

What is the best piece of professional advice you have ever received?
When giving advice, above all else always be trustworthy, concise and easy to understand.

How do you balance your work life?
With my family: my son is two and a half years old. He manages to surprise my wife and me every single day, and keeps us fit without the need for a gym membership.