Junior Lawyer

Luana Rupf


Luana Rupf joined Wenger Vieli as a junior lawyer at the beginning of June 2022. She is gaining the necessary experience for her bar exam during a one-year internship.

“I had the desire to become a lawyer from an early age. The later realization that the legal profession had little to do with my Hollywood-inspired ideas did not dampen my fascination with the legal profession. I particularly appreciate the analytical and networked thinking, as well as the linguistic precision and creativity required and encouraged by everyday legal work. As a balance to my varied and exciting job, I like to spend time with my family and friends or enjoy nature on walks with my dog.”

Luana Rupf speaks German, English and Italian.

Luana Rupf
Seit 2022 Junior Lawyer at Wenger Vieli Ltd.
2022 Court Clerk at the District Court of Zurich
2021-2022 Law Clerk at the District Court of Zurich
2020 Project work in the Legal Compliance department at EFG Bank Ltd.
2020 University of Zurich (MLaw)
2018-2019 Legal Employee at Zeltweg Rechtsanwälte
2017 University of Zurich (BLaw)
2016-2017 Assistant at Zeltweg Rechtsanwälte