About Us

A reliable partner in legal and taxation matters is always important, both in the best-possible situation, when someone is planning an exciting new project, or in the worst-possible one, when something has gone seriously wrong — and, of course, for all the larger und smaller issues in between. We love that our work is always centered on people and their concerns.


We take responsibility, strive for professional excellence, and are driven by healthy curiosity. Because good solutions make everyone happy. Wenger Vieli.


We are a member of Meritas, one of the largest international associations of independent law firms, and collaborate with WTS Global, a worldwide network of selected tax consultancy firms.

Although our offices in Zurich and Zug are deeply rooted in the heart of Europe, we operate internationally. Whether we are working with companies or individual clients in Switzerland or overseas, our team always speaks the right language.

We look forward to meeting you!