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Our innovative online service Digital Lawyer enables companies and individual clients to independently create simple legal documents using our professional templates.

Because knowledge grows when it is shared.

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The Digital Lawyer is intuitive to use and free of charge for registered users. It allows users to handle selected legal formalities by themselves. For example, personnel changes in stock corporations (AG) or limited liability companies (GmbH) can be registered very quickly, and all necessary documents can be saved as PDFs, so that they only need to be printed, signed, and submitted to the competent commercial registry office. Useful templates for contracts or powers of attorney round out the offer and are available to download any time. You can download the following documents without registering:

  • Avaloq implements all personnel changes in the Commercial Register via Digital Lawyer, which can speed up the process tremendously. This is the future.

    Hubert Gmünder, Head Group Corporate Legal at Avaloq
  • Before Digital Lawyer came along, Commercial Register entries were complex, tedious and expensive. Now I just handle it myself, as the complete templates are available in a professional format. Just fill them out, print them and store them locally. Time spent: 10 minutes max.

    Robert Naville, Managing Partner Köpflipartners AG
  • Wenger Vieli is on the cutting edge with Digital Lawyer. Solid, fast and simple generation of legal documents.

    Ariel Lüdi, Founder Hammer Team